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FIFA U-20 World Cup

Canada 2007

U-20 World Cup - Canada 2007

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September 1st, 2010

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August 6th, 2007

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Changed my life
I need help desperately. Any of you who attended the games, can you help me find a song if you remember it. They usually played it during warm ups. It was a song that made you just want to start dancing and it kind of hand an easy beat to it, you can whistle it. I am desperate. I don't know any of the lyrics, just what they sound like in my head. I have been searching for this song ever since the WC ended. I watched it in Burnaby, met the Spain, Scotland and Jordan squads. Can you help me!? Please if anyone remembers even any of the songs they played.

July 8th, 2007

I've finally bothered to sit down and put together a post of some of the photos I've taken during the last three matchdays in Ottawa. There are 60 photos, primarily of the warm-ups because that's when I was able to get close enough to the pitch to take decent photos. Teams featured: Czech Republic, Argentina, and Brasil.

Needless to say, this is not dial-up friendly :) I've re-sized and cleaned up the pics for this post, but I do have all the originals if anyone wants them for any reason...let me know.

Please don't hotlink, claim as your own, etc etc.

Češi, do toho!Collapse )

July 1st, 2007

Canada versus Chile from the National Soccer Stadium in Toronto, Canada!

Warning: Gratuitous, unapologetic Pro-Canada flaunting! Chileans, stay away! I feel wildly patriotic today. So grab your poutine, take a seat and enjoy your Canada day!

This commentator comes to you from her, er, couch, at home, in Ottawa. Very close to Toronto, really, except smaller and less obnoxious.

First of all, some info about Team Canada:
Captain Will Johnson has made 3 appearances for the senior team, and currently is on loan to Dutch-land team De Graafschap.

Keeper Asmir Begovich speaks 40 languages*, has a nice nose, and plays for Portsmouth in England.

Edgar plays for Newcastle and has scored against Manchu - another reason to love our team! We hate Wayne Rooney!

And of course, what of their enemies opponents, Chile? Well, there are definitely ... at least 11 players! That's something, innit?

The pressure is on! It's Canada Day, in Canada, and Canada is playing! If you didn't already know this about Canada, we regularly eat Chileans for breakfast, fyi. They taste nice with a little pepper.

First Half:

Canada is playing in the 4-4-2 position. Not even the second minute and Chile has tried to bully their way into a goal, but is not able to get it in.

Lombardo has the ball! Lombardo, incidentally, plays for Toronto FC, Canada's only franchise in the MLS.

Peters tries to grab the ball (and grab the Chilean player) but it's kicked away...

Jackson tries to get a cross but is bombarded by Chilean players.

Nice attempt by Chile but it's way off from the goal. In fact... all of their attempts are easily thwarted by Canada's number one.

Chile has much better possession so far, but that doesn't say much. They're going to tire themselves out if they try to keep up this pace all game.

My dad is trying to analyze the game and he doesn't know much about it >.< STOP DISSING MY BOYS. You can tell my parents aren't Canadian, they don't appreciate our team! God! You immigrants, you don't appreciate this country!

Anyway. Beautiful save by Canada!!

Kick-in by Will Johnson, but it comes to nothing. Good opportunity...

Ohhh, attempt by Chile! Begovich tries to save to the right, but it comes from the left after a deflection! Still 0:0 at 17 minutes.

Beautiful Lombardo touches the ball... please do more close-ups, kthx...

Foul and free kick for Canada - time for us to break through that Chilean defense.

The wind, "apparently" is causing some difficulty. Personally, I think all the screaming Chile fans are causing the problems - YOU'RE IN CANADA CHEER FOR YOUR PEOPLE YOU RACIST BASTARDS.

Canada has some cute moves - who coaches these guys? Thumbs up to whoever it is.

Long-range shot again by Chile, but it's a miss. Possession is like 70-30 for Chile but they aren't doing anything with it.

We are "gathering shadows" according to the commentators. O.o

NOOOOOOOO!! 1:0, score for Chile! WHY GOD WHY?!?!

Canada trails "in its own backyard." Buggershitefuck. WHERE IS OUR DEFENSE GET OFF YOUR LAZY ARSES.

All right, all right. 25th minute. How will Canada respond?

Free kick for the Canucks (those are the Canadians, for those not in know), because the Chileans are fouling bastards.

Plz don't score on your own goal, boys.

The hopes of the nation rest on Lombardo's shoulders. He will be crowned Prince of Soccer. Steven Harper will lay lilies at his feet...


Nice save by Canadian keeper Begovich. But a couple minutes later, a throw to Chile...

And a bad cross by Canada. Challenge to a Medina from Chile, he "falls down" (read: dive) and Chile gets an undeserved free kick. Goes to a corner kick. Canada's defense is all right but the rest - mid-field and forward - is wobbly. Begovich gets the ball.

O'Connor of Canada is cautioned with a yellow card, but he was totally going to the ball! He touched it, ref, you sniveling lunatic!

Insults aside... kick for Chile, dangerously close to the goal. And.... headed away! Whew :P

35 minutes in. The wind is against us, going North to South. Damn you, windy Toronto, and your lakes, and ... things.

Lombardo challenges. Chile plays the ball a little in their defense... Canada has the ball, throw in to Peters.

Wow, Leverkusen apparently just bought Vidal from Chile. I feel that as a personal insult to Canadians everywhere, btw.

Begovich's kicks suck against the wind right now.

And the ball goes right between the legs of the Canadian! WTF?! There are only 3 minutes left, pick it up!

DIVE BY CHILE! WHATEVER! Free kick for Chile because they are DIVERS, the boobs. *pouts* Nice save by Begovich!

And first half is over! At 1:0 for Chile.

Notice about the Canada team that none of them actually sound Canadian: Begovich. O'Connor. Edgar. Lombardo.

Nothing really Canadian, like Maler. That's a lie. My last name is Maler, and I'm German.

*This is an exaggeration.

Second Half:

We're back! And now there is no excuse for the Canadians, cuz we're playing on the other side of the field.

Corner kick for Canada and the stadium explodes! Come on, come on, come oooooon!

Boo, how disappointing.

Vidal goes down - and Lombardo is carded! Looking at it in slow mo, Vidal was as much at fault, he ran in front of Lombardo and was clipped from behind.

Lombardo is "off-side" apparently. Totally subjective, imho. (Other than those rules, but who made those up? Really?)

Apparently Canada's fans woke up or something from their poutine-induced haze because we're bloody loud!

Yellow card again for Canada. CHILE YOU DIVERS.

2:0 for Chile. fdjislafisaodfjdklsa.

Actually it was a nice header. Damn you Chile, and your HEADS.


60 minutes in. Where is the wind where you need it?! I'm sure there's a great Canadian joke about the Natives and wind rituals that could go here, but I'm too mad to make it.

Chile is just too good and we are just too much of Le Suck.

Lombardo is out and Alex Elliott is in.

Come on Will! We have possession! Gogogogogogogogo....



What are the chances Canada will score 3 in the next 30 minutes? I think about 1:1439508439548390547389547389.

You know what we need right now? That probability machine from Hitchhiker's Guide.

DIVE!!! DIVE BY CHILE! He has a "cramp"?!?! THIS IS CRAP!


Chile is offside! OFFSIDE!! Okay, ref called it, whew. *scowls*

Clearly the Spanish ref is favouring the Chileans, their former slaves. Don't you remember the revolutions, ref?! DON'T YOU?! God I hope I haven't fucked my history there.

DON'T give the ball away! Jesus!

70th minute. Official possession is 40-60 for Chile.

BOOK HIM HE DIVED JESUSCHRISTfjksla;fjdksla;dfjkasl;jksla;fjdkslf;djksal!!!!!!

Chile, you are DIVERS, and I hope you get mobbed by angry, drunk Canadians tonight! Srsly, you know why there isn't a game in Ottawa tonight? Because Ottawians are CRAZY on Canada Day. Srsly. No one is safe.


Chilean player gets his ass BOOED as he makes his way off on a stretcher. UTTER CRAP, that's what this is.

The fans are all over it though - he's back on the field, fine of course, but is being booed every time he touches the ball!

Substitution for Chile. Medina is off.



3:0 for Chile.

*dies inside* That killed me to type. We are going to lose, and it's just painful.

Chile, oh, surprise surprise, falls down AGAIN and a Canadian player with a ridiculously long name gets a yellow card.

87th minute. Probably 3 hours of stoppage time added because of Chilean diving.*

Hey, here's a joke! What do Canada and Chile have in common? A GREAT DIVING TEAM. Hahahaha. O.o

1 minute left. Oh joy. 3 minutes added time.

And... this disappointing, pathetic excuse for a match is over THANK GOD. I'm going back to supporting my real team, Germany.

*I exaggerate a lot.
The U-20 World Cup is finally underway! *does a little dance*

My World Cup started with the two matches in Ottawa last evening, Korea DPR v. Panama and Argentina v. Czech Republic. The Korea-Panama match ended in a 0-0 draw, which pretty much summed up the match - the teams were fairly evenly matched (statistically, possession was 51-49, with Korea having the slight edge), and there was not too much excitement. I think my favourite part of the match was the very excited man sitting behind me, who spent the entire 90 minutes shouting in Korean. The man of the match for me was Luis Mejia, the Panamanian goalkeeper; he faced 15 shots, kept a clean sheet, and made several outstanding saves.

The second match between Argentina and the Czech Republic was far more exciting, though it also ended in a scoreless draw. For one thing, there was a huge contingent of Argentinean fans, and the atmosphere in the stadium was incredible. In the North stands, where my seat is, you could feel the stands vibrating beneath your feet, and someone was playing a large drum through the entire match. Everywhere you looked there were people wearing blue and white and waving flags. Through the first half, the match was fairly even - Argentina had more shots, but the Czechs were definitely holding their own. Then in the second half the Argentine side began to take control - their overall possession was 59% and they outshot the Czech Republic 22-2. Despite that, Radek Petr, the Czech keeper, was not required to make many saves; the Argentine attack couldn't seem to put a decent shot on target. The Czechs had an excellent chance to score late in the second half when they sent a shot past the challenging Argentine keeper, but it was cleared by a striker at the last moment.

For all the fuss leading up to the tournament about Ever Banega, I didn't find that he particularly stood out; however, I was impressed with Maximiliano Moralez, a 160cm midfielder who had the Czech defense in knots with his ball-handling skills. For the Czech Republic, no one player stood out, but they seemed more like a team than a group of players, contrary to the other three teams I saw yesterday. I'm looking forward to seeing them play again - I've kind of adopted them as my team for the tournament :) maybe it's just a European thing, but I found them to be the classiest team of the four I saw - they were the only team to go to applaud the fans after the match, whereas the Argentineans clearly had more support but did not acknowledge it at all.

On a side note, I think the match had the potential to be a lot different with a different referee; for one thing, in the first half, when Czech striker Martin Fenin was taken down in the box, instead of being given a penalty he was given a yellow card, though a defender clearly stepped on his ankle and tripped him up. Additionally, in the final minutes with Argentina attacking there were several rough tackles from both sides that seemed more worthy of yellow cards than many of the plays that actually received cards, and yet no fouls were called.

March 29th, 2007

Hi everyone, I hope you're all as excited about the upcoming U-20 World Cup as I am :) Feel free to introduce yourselves, tell us about where you're from, who you'll be supporting, whether or not you will be attending any matches, and so on.

The tournament main page is here.

A complete match schedule for the tournament can be found here.

An overview of the qualifying nations can be found here

A list of the venues can be found here

Ticket information can be found here.

If you are the mod for a footie-related community and would like to affiliate, please leave a comment here. Also, if you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or concerns, please feel free to let me know here or by contacting me at my personal journal.
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